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A community of rememberences

September 10, 2006

Below the fold are some of the other rememberences I found, heartfelt reactions and reflections to an atrocity.  Many of them are taking part in the 2996 Project to memorialize each person who died on that day. (Unfortunately, the project home page link isn’t working as of this writing)

Reading through all these posts is like a cross section through each person’s reaction to grief, pain, and outrage.  After 5 years, memories are still crisp, though we’ve had time to figure out how we feel about it. I withhold disagreements today; everyone can ascend the podium, tap the mike, and say what they want to say. 

In carefully randomized order…

…and a couple links connecting dots from 9/11 to the Iraq war

When individuals write their real feelings and thoughts, it’s worth reading, but somehow I just couldn’t make myself watch any of the manufactured TV specials, or even any TV at all until the day had passed.

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