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They don’t call them ‘bird-brains’ for nothing

June 15, 2006

Neither of our cats are very smart, but they’re accomplished hunters.  So when this one (Oscar) is lounging near the nest of a pair of cardinals (no coincidence, that) you’d think the cardinal would try to practice “The Art Of Not Being Seen”.

But nooooooo!  The daddy cardinal, shown at left, positions himself up on the clothesline, on the lawnmower handle, the treebranch, the guy wire to the phone pole… and peeps at the cat:  “Go away!  We have babies hatching soon!  You are not welcome here!”  Cat lays about on the warm pavement, dreamily anticipating the fun he’ll have devouring the interesting little bird.

MrsDoF has also written about this charming domestic scene: “The birds and the cat

Update: 16 June 06… Oscar was walking through the cardinal’s territory, minding his own little furry business, when the cardinal landed on the ground about two feet behind him and started hopping along cheeping loudly at him, (I suppose) warning him to go away.

Man, no wonder they’re endangered…

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  1. June 26, 2006 at 10:57 | #1

    Our older cat is 14 years old.  He has one eye.  He is far slower than he once was.  He wears a bell.

    He *still* catches birds (mostly robins these days).

    Cats are considered one of the major threats to the bird population.  Everyone blames the cats.  Go figure.

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