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UPDATE: Changes in the works for this blog.

This blog was started in 2002, and as of 2012 contains ten years of my online writing. I am beginning a process of converting it into a web archive (technical details to be worked out) and then will take a 6-month break from blogging.  My tentative plans after that are to start a new blog under a different URL, perhaps just my name.

Decrepit Old Fool is the online pseudonym I use so people won’t know my real name is George Wiman.  It was intended to be an ironic/humorous pseudonym; I am only one of those things but the other two are creeping up on me. It refers to being over fifty and working in a technology field, or to having grown children who are much smarter and hipper than I am.

I started blogging to improve my writing skills, and discovered I simply enjoyed it so that is why I do it now. I am a computer support specialist at a great MidWestern university, am married (sorry girls), and have three children of whom the youngest is now in his mid-twenties. After a (brief) term as a Christian minister, I have had a series of technical service jobs including darkroom printing, advertising layout, production xerography, photography, camera repair, and computer repair. I have a bachelor’s degree from a good liberal-arts college in Tennessee and my home is cluttered with a tangle of books and periodicals.  My creative passions include photography and muscle-powered transportation.  And for the last eight years, blogging.  I have a particular fascination with failure in all its forms.

Politically, I am moved by evidence, not ideology.  Most of the time; like you, I am inconsistent when it suits me.  By all means, read some posts if you wonder what that means.

I no longer believe in the supernatural, including assorted spirits, gods, demons, afterlife, or miracles – but I once did so I am sympathetic to those who do. I am not sympathetic to those who want to use the power of government to further their supernatural beliefs, however.

My Unitarian Jihad name is “Brother Pepper Spray of Quiet Reflection” … Get yours

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