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The Book Of Daniel

January 7, 2006

I would have had no interest in watching NBC’s Book Of Daniel except it has drawn protest from the ‘American Family Association’ and other fundy groups for its supposed ‘mockery of Jesus’.  It’s always interesting to see what upsets the chronically overreligious.

The main character is an Episcopal priest who uses too much Vicoden for back pain, has a pot-selling, comics-drawing daughter, a gay son, an adopted Asian sexually promiscuous straight son, an alcoholic wife, a brother-in-law whose three-way affair with his wife and secretary resulted in $3m missing church funds, senile mother, a drug-seeking Bishop who is having an affair with his (Daniel’s) father, and construction deal with the mob, making for a very busy pilot episode.  Incidentally, Daniel can see and talk to Jesus, who makes wisecracks and is invisible to everyone else.

The show won’t survive long unless protesters keep it in the news; it’s dumb.  Father Daniel preaches a stunningly vacuous sermon about how “we shouldn’t beat ourselves up for succumbing to temptation” on the day after his daughter is busted for selling pot.  But that’s just a sample of the idiot moves he makes in the interminable 2-hour pilot.

Hint to gay Christian producer Jack Kenny: super-rich Episcopal churches can afford lead pastors with more intellectual horsepower than that.  And nobody, I mean nobody has that many personal problems.

I know; it’s a sitcom, but it’s a dumb sitcom, and it falls right opposite Numb3rs.  I won’t be bothering with it next week, even if the fundies march on Hollywood demanding it be taken off the air.

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  1. January 7, 2006 at 16:39 | #1

    You are quite correct, Book of Daniel is <u>dumb</u>.
    It is trying to be all things to so many people.
    I thought is would be harder to make the choice between the handsome Aidan Quinn who plays the minister Daniel and the fatherly wisdom of Judd Hirsch on Numb3rs.
    As my dad told me quite often, looks ain’t everything.

    Though next week we’ll have to put 20/20 on ABC into the mix.  The TV Review says it should be about how the education system in the United States is cheating our children.

  2. January 7, 2006 at 16:50 | #2

    Our VCR had some problems this week due to it bein’ all deprogrammed followin’ a power failure.  But I will make damn sure it is ready in advance of next week.  That 20/20 report sounds like something we don’t want to miss. 

      * Next Friday, Jan. 13, at 10 p.m.
    John Stossel has an eye-opening hour on public schools—“Stupid in America: How We Cheat Our Kids.”

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