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New bike

March 14, 2006

After 11 or 12 years of hard use (and two component failures from metal fatigue) I decided to retire my old bike and get a new one.  The $350 price of this bike was very reasonable, thanks to the fact that people who can do aerospace-grade welding and shot-peening in China get paid about the same as people who work in fast-food restaurants in the US. 

It’s a Haro V1, purchased from Wilson’s Cycle on Market St. in Bloomington, IL.  It’s light, fast, and handles pretty well, though I don’t have it fine-tuned yet.  But I’ve been without a bike for a month and have missed it a lot.  This driving and walking everywhere really gets old when a bike is faster and more convenient.

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  1. basil
    March 15, 2006 at 18:51 | #1

    I have a French Motobacane ten speed, I purchased new in 1980 (pre mountain bike era). It’s still in great shape, because I should ride it more often. It’s got center pull breaks, cotterless crank, lugged frame and really flys in tenth gear. Springs almost here and gas price are soaring, so I’m just going to have to air it up and break it out.

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