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Bill O’Reilly’s funny joke

January 25, 2005

Occasionally a number of random things line up, like tonight at the gym where eight TV’s all had nothing interesting on at once.  One of these things was Bill Oreilly’s Self-Aggrandizement Hour.  But it did have its moments:  Like when Bill was interrupting his guest who was talking about the Academy Awards.  O’Reilly said:

“…Well sure, they like Johnny Depp!  He smokes marijuana!”

More blather ensued, then a commercial break.  Then O’Reilly comes back on and – looking very annoyed – looks right at the camera and in a voice-for-explaining-things-to-a-5-year-old, says:

“You know, that crack about Johnny Depp smoking marijuana … was… a… JOKE, alright?  A joke.  I was just kidding about that, you know?  Some people, just have no sense of humor.”

Well, I have to admit he certainly succeeded in making me laugh.  I’m not sure Johnny Depp would find it quite as amusing, though.

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