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The Smear This Time

October 7, 2007

Remember Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas?  He went to the Supreme Court, she went to a teaching career, and later testified about his character in Senate confirmation hearings.

In his new memoir and on 60 Minutes, Thomas felt the need to say demeaning and derogatory things against his former accuser, even though he won that contest in the overwhelmingly male Senate.  And Anita Hill, dragged back into the spotlight, replies.

Do I believe Hill instead of Thomas out of some liberal bias?  Possibly.  But I’ve known guys like that, and her description of his behavior rang true.  And since the hearings, her testimony has been corroborated.

(From Joe Irvin’s blog, which is so consistently good that I’m putting it in the Sidebar Spotlight for a while.  He has a knack for finding interesting stuff).

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