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Snowy with patches of irony

January 22, 2005

Got up this morning to blowing snow.  MrsDOF and I eat breakfast out on Saturday mornings so had to clear off the car.  This is a couple minutes work and no big deal.  Spent more time telling the Mrs. not to worry about it.

Breakfast was great and driving on snow-covered streets is entertaining as always. 

Got home, read blogs, including John Hoke (a New Yorker) who said:

We went to the store to pickup/drop off dry cleaning earlier and the typical crush of worriers that the sky will open up and leave them stranded in their homes were fighting over every last frozen dinner, bottle of milk/water or other sundry that they really didn’t need. I blame a lot of this on the talking-head-idiot weather reporters who in order to get more ratings have been hyping the hell out of every possible storm. Bleh!

Went to the gym and saw breathless headline on Fox news:  “New York braces for killer storm!”  Just about fell off stairmaster laughing.

Driving home, got milk at the grocery.  As I left, the poor guy who has to watch people checkout their own groceries with the talking-machine scanners, deadpanned:
“…And so another joyous shopping experience comes to an end.”

Left Kroger’s with a stupid grin on my face. 

Drove past Weaver’s Rent-All.  Sign said, “Life is short.  Make fun of it.”

Got MrsDOF’s blog semi-functional.  Go take a look: www.mrsdof.com

Set up an FTP account on my family webspace for her to upload pictures.  This will be a bit of a learning curve for her but I promised her that after she’s done it a few times, it’ll be like loading the dishwasher – just routine.  So all you lucky dogs will be able to read her “Dear Ones” letters!  Up until now that’s been a select group of email recipients.

All in all, a pretty fun day.  Hope John & family survived the “Killer Storm!”

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  1. January 22, 2005 at 22:15 | #1


    We have about 8” or so right now.. Jen and I went out a couple of times to shovel the walks and driveway… and to dig out the curb each time a plow went through.

    We are supposed to have a total of 16 – 24 inches here, not a death sentence, no matter what the idiotbox says :)

    We are doing fine, no need to send in the Nat’l Guard, which is good as they are all in the desert right now and snow clearing would be a system shock to them :coolmad:

    Why not set up MrsDOF with a flickr account? It makes life much easier, and there is a mac and windows uploader … drag and drop … email me at the usual place (first.last@gmail.com) if you need more info …

    anyway, off to some nice hot chocolate and cuddling up infront of the TV… nights like this would be wonderful if we had a fireplace :)

  2. MrsDoF
    January 22, 2005 at 22:37 | #2

    Actually, I have tried to view John’s pictures at flickr and could not get them to umm, move along, quickly enough. 
    I tried reading directions, but got bored. 
    Going to other places is not my usual pleasure, as my housemates will vouch for. 
    I am learning bunches of new stuff already, so sending me elsewhere feels like one more Urgh.

  3. January 23, 2005 at 09:15 | #3


    Only reason I suggested it was because flickr is generous with storage space :)

    What was too slow, the slideshows? Just curious…

  4. January 23, 2005 at 09:56 | #4

    I tried reading directions, but got bored.
    - MrsDoF

    I’m pretty sure that’s what was too slow.  Be glad you’re not her live-in tech support guy.  Sheesh!  :bug:

  5. WeeDram
    January 23, 2005 at 14:33 | #5

    We have over a foot in our little corner of Ra-cha-cha.  It was quite a chore digging out this morning, even with a snow-thrower.

    We went out yesterday AM in the Haakepeliita-equipped CRV to buy groceries.  The supermarket parking lot was a zoo.  At one point a woman in an Outback entered a parking space that she could pull through into another empty space.  She was within a foot of being fully ensconced in her spot, when she was met by a large Ahmurikan sedan whose driver felt that since he had THOUGHT about parking there, he was entitled and the Outback should Back Out.  Except now she couldn’t, because a big-ass SUV had pulled into the (nearly) empty space behind her. 

    There was a stand-off, with lots of Ahmurikan sedan honking, until she finally agreed to move on.  Fascinating. 

    The store was a zoo, but everyone was civilized.  So I collected the necessary supplies for:

      * Stuffed tomatoes w/ goat cheese (goat brie)
      * Pear/endive/bleu cheese salad w/ maple
      * Five-spice/pepper crusted striploin

      * sauvignon blanc with the stuffed tomatoes
      * a vintage (‘94) Niagara cabernet with the steaks.

    When you have to stay inside, one CAN enjoy life…

    Not that I MUST stay inside, but after shovelling, I’ll take a nap and then start cooking.


  6. MrsDoF
    January 23, 2005 at 16:10 | #6

    Uh, John, Sorry, I was a bit brusque up there.  As DOF will attest, I have no patience and little persistence when it comes to learning new stuff.  Getting my own blog is something I have wanted for weeks, and here I have one set in front of me just as I begin Algebra at the community college and a friend tells me she is going to become a grandma and I really want to crochet a baby blanket. 
    That seems like too much for one weekend, and then pictures, when I have had the camera for less than a month….  Maybe I’ll take a nap, too.

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