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Paint a swastika on baby’s forehead, and…

January 20, 2005

The BBC reports: It didn’t take long after Prince Harry wore a nazi uniform to a party before German MEP’s began calling for a Europe-wide ban on the symbol.   You could almost hear the cartilage cracking from all the knee-jerk reactions.

What would you think of anyone who painted a swastika on a baby’s forehead?  Or printed it on a wedding invitation?

You know where this is going… the swastika is sacred to Hindus, and also to Buddhists.  Its traditional use far predates that hairstyle-challenged dictator of 20th-century Europe.  It’s just another example of how our opinions of others are often based on cultural assumptions or some other externality. 

The politically correct are not immune to this human foible, they’re just a little more self-righteous about it.  Ostensibly against censorship, they’re ready to ban a symbol all across Europe because some royal twit committed a gaffe at a party.

One British Hindu put it this way:

“Just because at a particular moment in history one section of society used it, or a mirror image, to unleash xenophobic ideology does not mean Hindus should be punished.  It’s like saying the Ku Klux Klan burn crosses so therefore let’s ban the use of crosses worldwide.”
- Ramesh Kallidai

Thanks to The Revealer for the link.

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