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Gold’s gym shoots self in foot

July 29, 2007

The gym I go to has been in the midst of a huge remodling binge to make their interior look really cool and high-tech.  But their cardio machines were getting worn out, and my favorite “Life Fitness” cross-trainer, that did a great whole-body workout without trashing my knees or wrists, was down to only two working examples (on a good day).  But today I found all new cardio machines had been installed.  Whoopee!

The cross-trainers were replaced by “Nautilus” brand, so on Saturday I gave ‘em a try.  Very different motion, and I don’t think my knees will forgive me for a while.  Also it was difficult to hit my target heart rate because the rhythm was for someone with a different-sized body or something.  There were no adjustments.

On the brighter side, the digital readout informed me that I burned “267.7” calories during the thirty-minute cardio session.  Wow!  That’s ten times as precise as the display on the old cross-trainer, the last digit of which I always ignored anyway.  Ahh, the advancement of science.  Or of something.

I spent the rest of the session lifting free weights.  Pretty hard to screw that up.  On Sunday, I tried the new Stairmaster, which looks like a flight of stairs and an escalator got married and this was their offspring.  Worked as well as the old design, which was mechanically a lot simpler and less prone to collecting crud and dried perspiration over the upcoming years in a gym.

When membership renewal time comes up, I’ll be looking at other gyms.  Or even at getting my own Life Fitness cross-trainer, which costs as much as about four years’ gym membership. 

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  1. trailrider
    July 30, 2007 at 10:58 | #1

    Life Fitness cross-trainer?  Is that the elliptical cross trainers?  Which model would you consider?

  2. July 30, 2007 at 12:42 | #2

    When I get a house I plan on getting a free weight system and an elliptical cross trainer.

    Cost of Free Weight System:  $500.00 (roughly)
    Cost of free weights and extra lbs: $100.00
    Cost of decent Elliptical Cross Trainer: $1000.00

    Total: less than 4 years of a gym membership.

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