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Our 2004 Christmas Newsletter

December 28, 2004

This is our family newsletter – originally printed out on 110 sheafs of dead-tree material but pasted in here for those who find such things interesting …

From MrsDOF:

Looking back over the markings on my calendar, I cannot decide what to put in and what to leave out.  In January there was a baking marathon because I had been given the “starter” for “Amish friendship bread” for Christmas.  In a week, you feed it flour and milk, a week later get together the rest of the proper ingredients, bake it, and find willing taste-testers.  Worked fine until the Starter died.  Oh well, I was getting tired of baking on schedule rather than whim.

In February came a toothache until finally a total replacement.  You won’t guess from my smile which gleaming pearly white is a fake. Our dentist is a genius.

In March, there was a speaking engagement and book-signing by children’s book author Tomie dePaola over at the high school.  I was sitting in the auditorium and about 18 rows into crocheting a cotton yarn baby aphgan in the colors of orange, teal, and purple.  The mom had said she wanted brites, and this certainly fulfilled that.  That aphgan was the first of a dozen done this year.  Never counted the crosses, bags, dishcloths, or bookmarks.  I crochet heaps.

In April I filled in at the “beginner room” (2-year-olds & potty training) for another teacher who was out on medical leave.  I was not exactly having fun, but as April stretched into May, I carried on.

On Mother’s Day, my sister called to say that my Mom in Ohio was in ICU with a DNR bracelet on.  It turned out to be a reaction to her medications.  She even sent a picture taken at Thanksgiving, with my brother and his two sons. She’s doing fine, now.

June was a jumble of doctor’s appointments, a dentist appt, a Con-Ed class about “Tolerance,” and a visit from my mother-in-law and sister-in-law.  Family of the female persuasion!  Clothes shopping with other Ladies! Hadn’t had someone else outside the dressing room waiting to give any opinion for quite a long time.  I ended up with two tops, a nice skirt, and some very fond memories.

The last Monday in June, I lost my job at the daycare center.  It caught me unawares, but when one door slams shut, another opens into opportunity.

My crocheting output over the summer was stupendous.  Many donations to Craft sales, nursing home bazaars, birthdays.  However, sitting for hours in the living room, thread and hook in hand, watching movies on videotape wasn’t very sociable. At the urging of the guys in my family, I signed up for a Children’s Literature class at the community college, where I earned a strong B for the class and B- in sanity.  I’m not sure if that could be printed on a job application.

Someone at our church suggested I take up being the hostess for the fellowship class, and I surprised myself by saying, “Yes.” I make the coffee, set out supplies and goodies (if any have been donated), help with serving, then do the clean-up.  The church kitchen has a really nice dishwasher/sanitizer.  Don’t tell anyone, but I really do like working in a kitchen, even if it is for only a couple hours on a weekend morning.

The holidays were really low-key.  Husband is taking well-deserved time off, working on his weblog.  Oh wait, he wrote all that.  And you can check the Internet for pictures.  We are working on beginning a weblog for me.  Cross your fingers!

(Our oldest son J~ is still away from home and hasn’t been in touch since May 2002.)

Middle son L~ works part-time as a cook in a little bar-and-grill just off campus. He is a Mathematics major at the University of Illinois/Urbana, and he sends Greetings!

Youngest son C~ spends most of his time hanging out with school, working on guitar, and playing and practicing his lady love, S~. Err… Wait a minute… I mean… I think I got those mixed up, but you know what I mean.  He told me to pass on his wish for everyone to have “a happy Easter or whatever.”

I second that!  And my best wishes for a wonderful year coming up.  Love and huggs,

From DOF:

Hi, everyone – I hope you had a great year!  Ideally a Christmas newsletter should be all happy stuff.  But to be honest we took a few hits this year.  In the end it’s working out just fine, though.

Back in January, I wasn’t sure how the year would pan out (because of state budget concerns.)  But I lucked out and now work for two departments. And things are looking up on campus, too.  In December one of the departments I work at – the College Of Business – moved into a beautiful new building.  I took the family for a tour – all good.

In August I had a bicycle accident, my first-ever experience with a broken bone (and my eighth concussion – which seems to explain a lot, eh?)  Well, what’s more physical therapy?  I’m almost mended and determined to make the best of it.

I have started a new web-log (“blog”) called www.decrepitoldfool.com C~ says I’ll lose readers who can’t spell “decrepit” but I’ve been using DOF as an online handle for a long time now. I’m not about to change to suit the convenience of people who don’t own a dictionary.

Surprise… MrsDOF wants me to set up a blog for her so she can post her “Dear Ones” letters.  I’m workin’ on it. 
Well, happy 2005!  Man, weren’t we supposed to be driving flying cars and have robots doing the dishes by now?  I guess I’ll settle for the Internet and vastly improved coffee shops.
Take care,

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  1. December 30, 2004 at 13:04 | #1

    The fact that the year has turned around for you is because sharing people deserve it.  Jay and I wish the new year will continue to be a good one for you.  The news of Mrs. DoF’s coming blog is a very welcome thing for me.  I been wishing for it to become a reality for while now.  It is a good hubby that helps his wife realize a goal!  Have a Happy New Year you two! Please continue to stay warm, well, healthy, and happy!!!

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