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“I give the directions around here.”

November 29, 2006

Thinking about a Global Positioning System for your car?  Do you get a chuckle out of references to the movie, Deliverance?  NexTel has a commercial for you.

Maybe you had to have lived in the South to appreciate it…

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  2. James Old Guy
    December 1, 2006 at 12:26 | #2

    People would be stunned at just how much GPS has changed their lives without evening knowing it.

  3. December 1, 2006 at 12:39 | #3

    You just reminded me of a really cool interview with Bradford W. Parkinson:

    It all began in 1973, when then Colonel Parkinson, of the U.S. Air Force, was appointed to lead a joint military program to build an advanced navigational system. When he arrived, competing factions from the Navy, Air Force, and other services, each promoting its own technological solutions, were threatening to sink the project. “It was a mess,” he says. His first duty was to find a compromise plan that all the services could support. Despite repeated efforts by the services to cancel the project, a team of only 200 individuals on a budget of just $390 million managed to build the system. GPS’s extreme precision went on to revolutionize warfare, and now it is revolutionizing civilian life, with a steady stream of new commercial applications….

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