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How our Christmas day went

December 25, 2004

As kids grow up and move away, traditions erode.  Parents try to take it all with equanaminity but the absence of each family member is deeply felt. 

We’re down to one son at home and we’re trying not to drive him crazy. 

Our traditional Christmas breakfast is French toast, made using the recipe from the Betty Crocker cookbook but 1/2-inch thick slices of skinny mini-loaves for the bread instead of the big thick slices they specify…

It cooks fast, so serve hot 1 person at a time while the next person’s is cooking.  Use real maple syrup, not the fake kind.  And put a pat of butter on each slice before transferring it off the griddle.

Normally, we serve it with sausage or bacon, but this year my sister sent a delicious Honey-Baked ham, so we used that instead.

It’s been really cold lately.  Our furnace is a Lenox “Pulse” model that exhausts out the side of the house.  On cold days (10o f.) the water vapor condenses and forms an ice column under the pipe.  ;-)

After breakfast (that is, 1pm!) we opened presents.  Each of us got high-tech earmuffs, and we got some wonderful popcorn, cookies, tea, (and the ham of course,) and each of the boys got some Christmas bucks.

Then MrsDOF and I went to Bloomington to see the new dome on the County Historical Society building (which was once the county courthouse – if I am not mistaken, built after the 1900 fire that demolished most of downtown Bloomington.)  Doesn’t the turquoise color of old copper look nice next to the red-orange of new copper?

Oscar stayed outside while we were gone, and he was ready to come inside when we got home!

MrsDOF crocheted and listened to Christmas music while I worked on the blog downstairs.  Now it’s dark and the day is almost over.

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  1. December 25, 2004 at 21:14 | #1

    Honey-Baked ham and Christmas are almost synonymous in our household so I know breakfast most have been good. Mrs. Dof seems quite content working on that blanket!  Stay well and warm.  momma

  2. Becky
    December 27, 2004 at 01:35 | #2

    Mr and Mrs Wyman
    don’r know if you remeber me…but i still have that picture that “MrsDOF” took of cristopher when he got his driver’s license :)   Please tell him that becky is thinking of him and in the process of writing him back.
    Happy holidays   xoxo   becky

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