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Hot tea

October 17, 2006

It would hardly be surprising to learn that the British think Tea is good for you.  (In other news, the Pope is Catholic and the sky is blue.)  They say it doesn’t dehydrate you – “that’s an urban myth” – and of course it contains “antioxidants” and everybody knows how great those are.  :-/

My great-grandmother was about as Brit as they come, and that has filtered down to the current generation.  Even today I have two or three cups of tea every day along with whatever coffee comes my way. Lately, both have been decaf after 12:noon but oh-well.

A picture of a double-walled steel mug full of tea would be pretty boring, no?  Shown here is my little pocket flashlight shining through the glass carafe’ of our Mr Coffee tea-maker, which is really just a coffee-maker that we have dedicated to making tea.  We have another one that we use for coffee.

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  1. Mrs SEB
    October 17, 2006 at 11:03 | #1

    LOL… I’m an herbal tea drinker myself.  I grew up with a father who drinks tea and a mother who drinks coffee and tea.  However, I never got the taste for coffee.

  2. October 17, 2006 at 21:31 | #2

    It’s good ole English breakfast tea for me … President’s Choice, to be exact.  Real black tea, herbal teas are for sissies.  ;-)   Yes, there is better EBT, but it’s availability is not as convenient, and I take mine with hot milk and a good dollop of honey, one large mug in the morning.  I find the caffeine, heat and glucose get me started.

    But on weekend mornings, the Brikka espresso/moka pot that takes centre stage.

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