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The post that EXPLODED, into four open threads at once

July 27, 2006

Once upon a time I wrote a post about homosexuality, and how it got so gol-durned important to the religious right.  The comments went off in a different direction, so interesting I thought it deserved a separate thread all its own: How to help the poor.  In the slugfest that followed comments of that thread developed no less than four other thread-worthy topics, which I have split off for separate discussion.  My reason for doing this is to give each topic the separate attention it deserves.  Credit for generating these specific topics goes to the commenters, who I hope will continue the discussion(s) in each of the threads.  And, I hope some new commenters will join in as well.

In a way, this simply reflects the real world.  When you open a can of worms, it always takes a bigger can to recan them.  Either that, or a number of fishhooks.  Or, four new open threads at once:

  1. Capitalism vs Socialism

  2. Education
  3. Health care
  4. Social programs
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