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June 30, 2006

One of the most picturesque streets in America is Normal Avenue in Normal, Illinois.  It is lined with beautiful trees, lovely landscaped yards, and a variety of interesting, older MidWestern homes.  It is on this street that I ride my bicycle towards the university, and on which I saw someone’s driver’s license.

  • And his military ID

  • And his certification for “Light Vehicle Operation”
  • And his ID for a security-related government agency which I shall not name.  It was sealed in some very clear plastic, with a hologram, the owner’s picture, and a computer chip in it.
  • His Social Security Card (!)
  • And many, many other cards, scattered all over the street.  And there was the wallet – a big black leather job, laying face open in the middle of the street.  There were no credit cards or cash.

I stopped my bike, gathered up all the cards (which were spread over a 75-foot area) and stuffed them into the wallet.  The address on the driver’s license wasn’t far, so I abandoned my errand and rode to the house.  The doorbell was barely audible over the roar of a large and lethal-sounding dog inside.  At length, an extremely fit-looking young man came to the door.  I recognized his face from the ID picture.

He seemed happy to have the wallet.  Seems he’d put it on top of his car to pay for gasoline…

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  1. June 30, 2006 at 16:47 | #1

    My funny story of what I put on top of the car…

    My family was getting ready to head to Wisconsin to bike on the huge trail up there.  The one that has three separate tunnels through hills, one tunnel being 0.75 miles long.  Anyway, we were living in Bloomington at the time, and we stopped in Palatine to meet up with some friends.  My dad had the old family cell phone, it was one of those old Motorola ones, the one that came out right before the Motorola Startec (that cheap crappy cell phone that was, I believe, the first flip phone).  Anyways this was in the time when a cell phone was as big as a folded out wallet, and when we met the friends my dad made a cell phone call. 

    After the call we spent an hour or so, hangin out, and then made the 6 hour journey up north.  I cannot remember exact time and such, but it took awhile.  On our way up, my dad looked for the cell phone to make another call, and could not find it.  We all searched (except my dad, he was driving) and came up with nothing.  During our trip we were probably averaging 70mph in our Dodge Caravan.  We went through two horrendous downpours.  One lasted about a half hour to an hour.  When we finally arrived up north, everyone stepped out of the van.  I for whatever reason put my hands on top of the van where the door would slide over to stretch and noticed something.  A cell phone.  It lasted about six hours, through rain, and whatever bumps we may have encountered, and when my dad went to see if it still worked… IT DID!!  What amazed me was that it was on the whole time, and it still worked after everything.  The rain somehow never got to the electrical components.

  2. July 2, 2006 at 06:33 | #2

    I reckon he was glad to see it and I suspect that he will not mention the loss to that un-named security agency..this type of foolishness would probably have cost him his job

  3. GRUMP
    July 5, 2006 at 20:25 | #3

    You have renewed my faith in the human race. Not many would have even stopped, let alone take to time to gather all the items and deliver to the owner.

    My hat off to you sir.

    I recall that several years back that the wife and I   decided to get some fast food and take it to the park and have lunch( that is what is lame to me, leaving the comfortable surrounding of air condition sit down establishment and parking you fanny in the open contedning with bugs, heat and smells). Any way as we were walking back to the car I notices an item laying on the roadway in front of our car. I picked up the item it turns out to be a persons driver license. With the afternoon half gone and the party living not far fom the park [ bingo I simply drive over to the address on the license and renew another’s faith in the human race.

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