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A little reminder for our elected representatives

May 22, 2006

As we are obviously gearing up the passions of war, just a little reminder to our elected representatives:

The text continues:

“Our collective conscience just got the better of us,” said Lardbottom.  “If we can fly to Washington for a special session to do a political dance over the withering body of Terri Schaivo, we can damn well do the constitutional job we were elected to do!”

In some ways, the return to a constitutional separation of powers was bigger news than invading Iran.  “After all,” said one Faux News analyst, “We’ve based our entire international position on the threat of invasion.  Just recently we invaded some country I never heard of just because they looked at us funny.  Now it will be harder to start wars and other countries will steal our lunch and give us wedgies.”

But many applauded the change.  Professor Knowswhatte Talkinnabout, PhD, a political scientist and author of the best-selling book, Why Our Constitution Matters (and how to get it back), said; “It appears Congress has finally realized: any road they pave for one president can easily be travelled by another.  Perhaps the American people shamed them into actually doing their jobs and taking responsibility.”

From Newspaper Clipping Generator that I have seen on several of my favorite blogs.

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  1. May 23, 2006 at 21:31 | #1

    This is so sadly funny.

    The clipping generator sounds fun – thanks for the link.

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