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Tagged! by the Four Meme

December 31, 2005

Doh! Tagged by the FOUR THINGS meme:

Four jobs you’ve had in your life: Christian minister, machine operator, camera repairman, computer support specialist

Four movies you could watch over and over: Doctor Strangelove, Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail, Lord Of The Rings trilogy, The Terminator I & II (Is it cheating to choose multiples?)

Four places you’ve lived: California, Iowa, Washington State, Tennessee (currently Illinois)

Four TV shows you love to watch: Simpsons, King Of The Hill, House MD, NOVA (also American Experience and Frontline)

Four places you’ve been on vacation: Coast of Maine, N. Shore of Lake Superior, Washington State, and New Mexico.  Not much of a globe-trotter.

Four websites you visit daily: Pharyngula, Stupid Evil Bastard, Unscrewing The Inscrutable, Dispatches from the Culture Wars (Buridan could be included in this list except he tagged me for this meme ;-)   Counting RSS I check 12 websites every day and a great many more every week)

Four of your favorite foods: Coffee in all its glorous variations, Chocolate, Sicilian Chicken Wrap, French Toast

Four places you’d rather be: See on vacation

Four albums you can’t live without: Not much of a music-listener but I have all of Steely Dan’s albums and some of the Beatles

Let’s add a couple more:

Four magazines you read: The Economist, New Scientist, Scientific American, National Geographic (also American Heritage Invention & Technology and MIT Technology Review)

Four cars you’ve owned: ‘89 Chevvy Astro, ‘67 Dodge Coronet 440, ‘67 VW Beetle, ‘68 Fiat 124G

OK, it’s your turn.  I don’t know who has done this meme and who has not, so this is a MEME INVITATION… I invite any of my readers to do the ‘Four Things’ meme.  If you do it on your blog, put a link here in the comments, or even put the whole thing here in the comments if you don’t have a blog.  (evil) BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!! (/evil) but I did tag Cajun, ***Dave, Pete of Terminal Ward, and Les of SEB fame. 

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  1. December 31, 2005 at 16:15 | #1

    Cool! I had completely forgotten that I was a youth minister years ago and there’s good reason why my memory of those years have lapsed. I like the “four cars” addition. I’ll add that mine.

  2. December 31, 2005 at 16:59 | #2


  3. December 31, 2005 at 20:43 | #3

    Okay, mine’s up!

  4. Les
    January 3, 2006 at 14:52 | #4

    Haven’t done mine yet, but I’ll work on them later this afternoon once I get home for the day.

  5. Les
    January 3, 2006 at 22:30 | #5

    OK, now I’m done.

  6. January 5, 2006 at 09:55 | #6

    I hit it …

    Memes FOUR All

    BTW, fitting captcha…“hell” LOL

  7. January 8, 2006 at 03:45 | #7

    I’m surprised by how many people whose blogs I visit at some point in their life were ministers.  I never realized that there were that many active (as in church going) religious folk let alone that much clergy.

  8. January 8, 2006 at 10:06 | #8

    I’m surprised by how many people whose blogs I visit at some point in their life were ministers.

    The proportion is somewhat deceptive in that the ministry is a profession with an extremely high early attrition rate.

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