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State Patrol nightmare

November 24, 2004

It’s been awfully nice weather this fall in Illinois, right up through yesterday.  But today, (busiest travel day of the year,) what happens? Rather sub-optimal driving conditions, to say the least.

Howling winds across I-74, icy roads, and the usual cast of geniuses who think it’s a contest to see how far they can push the envelope in “bad-weather speeding.” 

And here’s what we found “back in Normal:”

The trip from Normal, to Urbana, to Normal, was uneventful for us except for lots of interesting stuff to look at.

We saw one total genius whose Jeep had slid halfway down a steep embankment towards a creek.  Someone was in the driver’s seat while two guys were trying to push the Jeep uphill… that is, they were standing downhill of it in the snow.  Wonder if they thought for one second what would happen if they slipped and the Jeep started to slide back down the hill. Unfortunately no picture of that.

I sure do appreciate the State Patrol, ambulance, fire, tow-trucks, etc. who have to deal with days like this When they’d rather be home with their families. (pictures by one of my passengers except when car was not moving.)

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  1. MrsDoF
    November 24, 2004 at 19:37 | #1

    Glad you all are home, safe and sound.

  2. stephanie
    November 24, 2004 at 21:58 | #2

    These pictures are so cool.  What a trip though.  did you take the van or the grey car?  does grey car do o.k. in snow?

    very glad you are not in the ditch.  It is 65 and balmy here.

    i assume this snow was predicted or was everyone caught unaware? 

    i have a friend in michigan who said that she heard a huge clap of thunder and it started snowing immediately and hard after that.  i have never seen or heard of that phenomena.

    must be beautiful where you are.

    love, your sister

  3. November 24, 2004 at 22:36 | #3

    The trip was actually uneventful – I just drove along slowly in the van (‘89 Chevy Astro) and we were warm and comfortable.  I think most people who end up in the ditch do so because they’re trying to make time – when it’s windy and traction is limited you best slow down.

    The snow was predicted but I think the intensity caught everyone off-guard.  Yes, it is beautiful but tree branches are breaking all over the place.

  4. MrsDoF
    November 24, 2004 at 22:39 | #4

    The van went to chauffeur the son, the grey car got loaded with groceries in town.  The front wheel drive is a bit touchy in slush, but once the car got loaded in the trunk, no more slipping.  I do miss the clutch and shifting gears though.

  5. Earl
    November 24, 2004 at 23:09 | #5

    It was in the 40sF today in Kodak-land, with steady rain.  I have 4WD (CRV) and kick-butt snow tires (Nokian), but alas no use for them yet.  Not that I would push any envelopes because I have the “right” gear; I’ve seen too many Jeeps and other SUV-types to know that it is the driver who is the greatest determining factor in safety. 

    But after last year’s record snowfall here (lots of lake effect), I determined that at least one of our vehicles hould have all wheel drive, and that both should have true winter tires.  “All-season” tires AREN’T.  They’re for summer driving. Period.  End of story/mini-rant.

    Have a warm, wonderful T-day.  We’re off to Toronto to see Ewan and friends for the long weekend.

    Earl & Sheryl

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