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Thumbnail sketch of Charles Darwin

November 20, 2005

And here are the artifacts of his life: his tiny single-shot pistol, his magnifying glass and rock hammer—and the Bible that traveled around the world with him, a reminder that before his voyage he had been studying for the ministry. (Indeed, in a letter to his father, who opposed the trip, he listed all the latter’s objections, starting with “disreputable to my character as a clergyman hereafter.” Little did he imagine)…
- MSNBC/Newsweek: Evolution of a scientist

MSNBC delivers a Newsweek article on the life of Charles Darwin; the misunderstood, much-maligned scientist who carried the burden of discovery about our origins to places he feared to tread.  It’s a good article – I clicked on the “Print this” link to read it as I find split-up pages annoying.

From Socialist Swine

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  1. cubic rooms
    November 21, 2005 at 14:28 | #1

    Very Good.  Thanks for the link.

  2. dex hanks
    December 1, 2006 at 20:41 | #2

    Charles Darwin also believed that non-white individuals were “inferior” as well as all females (any race) as presented in the evolution manafesto.

    To date there is no record of any species becoming another species ( except for Senator Edward Kennedy, who bears a remarkable likeness to a large scotch soaked pig.  I agree that species die out as well as adapt to the enviorment.  In his last days Darwin regretted writtin his manafest and returned to the church

  3. December 1, 2006 at 20:58 | #3

    Nice try, DH.  Yes, to some extent Darwin was a racist and so were Jefferson and Lincoln.  We don’t expect you to be 150 years ahead of your time, either.

    But neither should you be 150 years behind.  Among scientific theories (gravity, quantum mechanics, atomic, germ, etc.) evolution is as well supported as any and better than most.  Since most people never bother to learn anything about any scientific theory they just reject the one that conflicts with their religion.

    Speaking of which, Darwin did no such thing as go back to religion in his last days.  If you don’t want to believe in evolution, that’s fine but don’t spread lies.

    Origen of Species is not a manifesto, by the way; it’s a deep and well-done scientific study.  Many parts of it have been superceded by later scientific studies.  That’s the way science works; continuous correction of errors, unlike religion, which is frozen in time.

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