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Y’all in a heap o’ trouble now!

October 14, 2005

Just in case you think you’re being mistreated by the police, consider this: Single glass of wine immerses DC driver in Legal Battle.

This is exactly what it sounds like: a woman (pulled over for not having her headlights on) was arrested for a .03 blood alcohol level, which is commensurate with one glass of wine with dinner.  It turns out that DC has “Zero Tolerance,” which is as dumb as it sounds.

But that is not the part that bothers me.  If DC wants stupid, draconion laws that damage the tourist business, well, it’s their city.  What bothered me was the policeman’s explanation of why (since he had the option not to arrest) he decided to arrest the woman:

“There’s no way possible she failed a test from impairment with a .03” blood alcohol level, Klaunig said. “And reciting the alphabet is not an acceptable way of measuring impairment, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.”

Fair, who said he does not comment on individual arrests, noted in his report that Bolton’s attitude was “excited,” “carefree” and “cocky.”

“I was sort of laughing,” Bolton said. “I look back and wonder, was I cocky? Did I have an attitude? Well, yeah, because I was sober, so I thought it was all so ridiculous.”

Get it?  Bolton, an attorney, was arrested for not being deferential enough to the cop.  He could use his own discretion not to arrest her but she didn’t kiss his ass act obsequious enough to suit him.

(From ***Dave)

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    October 18, 2005 at 14:02 | #1

    Hey, you get Andy Taylor or you get Barney Fife.  It is just a luck-of-the-draw thing.

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