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Really busy news day

September 28, 2005

I hardly know where to begin with all of today’s news.  Tom DeLay was indicted for corruption, and blamed a “political witch hunt”.  Well, he should remember what one of those looks like from the good ol’ days of impeaching Bill Clinton. 

Bill Frist is facing a hot seat too: it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.  I diagnose – on the basis of a few seconds of heavily edited video – that Frist’s ethics have been brain-dead for years and he’s playing his political base.  The appearance of real political convictions is just an illusion, a reflex action.

You remember Mike Brown, former head of FEMA (Motto: “We hadn’t heard that”) who was just rehired by his own former agency as a $148,000/yr consultant.  He blames Louisiana politics for his inability to watch the news and find out what we all knew about, well, everything.  Of his own performance he rejoins: “I do a damn good job.”  His boss Michael Chertoff declined to comment, saying only that Brown had “a right to his own opinion.”

Mayor Ray “Pissed” Nagin said he felt “sorry” for Brown, being grilled by Congress like that.  Maybe he sees a little of his own future, and it ain’t pretty.

Extending a ruinous precedent, president Bush has decided to cut checks to victims of Hurricane Rita to match what was done for victims of Katrina.

In other news, a bunch of stuff blew up in Iraq, and they’re firing rockets over the wall between Palestine and Israel, but who’s paying attention to that corner of the world?  Muslim extremists must be feeling a bit neglected these days. 

Finally, over 300,000 people had to be evacuated from the Yen Bai province of Vietnam as Typhoon Damrey approached.  The storm is described as “one of the worst in years”.  But global warming probably had nothing to do with it.

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