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Spreading her wings

September 16, 2005

We had a monarch butterfly emerge from its chrysalis in the office today.  The little green pod turned clear, the bug crawled out, and began to dry off.  After a couple hours, our new project specialist Abhilasha carried it to the trail to release it into the wild.

There are very few bugs that size that don’t simply make my skin crawl but I must admit it is rather pretty.  And it was nifty to watch it come out of the chrysalis.  (Click picture to embiggen)

Later, we all received this email from Abhilasha:

The butterfly flew around 10 m to a rose bush around 1 hour after we released it on a tree and sat on a rose flower where it just sat for 1/2 an hour..Donno what happened after that

Here is the pic of the butterfly on the rose..taken through my cellphone


I have no idea if it really is a girl butterfly but our student worker knew somehow and he said it was.  Anyway, there you go.

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