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In another possible universe…

August 31, 2005

“Alice, this is your boss, Rich.  I need a favor.  Yes, I know there’s a hurricane coming, but listen, I’m calling all my employees.  I’ve got three million dollars worth of new cars and trucks in the lot.  I want you to bring as many friends and relatives as you can, and each one take a car or truck and head North.  Anyone you trust with a driver’s license but no car.”

“If the storm passes us by, I want you all back by next Friday; but if it really hits, take the vehicles to Al’s Chevrolet in Shrewport.”

“Tell ‘em to pack as many of their family and friends into the cars as they can and get the hell out of town.”

“Yes, it’s possible someone won’t bring a vehicle back, but you wouldn’t be working here if I didn’t trust you, and I’ll take my chances with your clan.  It’s dead certain we lose every one if they’re still here when the storm hits.”

Yeah, I know… I’ve already thought of at least five reasons why it would be totally impractical.  But it’s nice to imagine, isn’t it?

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  1. September 7, 2005 at 06:23 | #1

    Actually, it’s not that impractical. Let’s say the government had to reimburse the dealerships for all those “borrowed” cars that never returned.  That would still be a hell of a lot cheaper than what it cost the gov’t to “house” all those people at the Superdome, and also to pay for the rescue effort for people who wouldn’t or couldn’t leave.

    It’s a plan worth looking into, imo.  I think we shold bring this up with the lobbyists for GM, Ford, etc.

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