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Updates on Katrina

August 28, 2005

UPDATE:  10:00 pm Tuesday, MSN No quick fix for levies – click on the ‘images’ link after you read the article, which explains that they’re simply trying to evacuate everyone from the city.  One image warns, “Graphic content” – an odd meaning of the term as that is what ‘picture’ means.  There’s a picture of several hundred flooded new pickups at a dealership.  Another picture shows an arial view of rescue from filthy oil-slicked water.  I can only imagine how nasty that water is and a picture of a woman wading through chest-deep water with a case of Diet Pepsi is an image of desperation.  Everyone needs something safe to drink; it’s hot, and while the Pepsi will be OK inside the aluminum can, how to clean it off before putting it to your lips? 

Thing to remember is, this would be a HUGE disaster even if New Orleans had gotten through without a scratch.

UPDATE: 10:00 am Tuesday, Bayou Buzz Mayor: major breach flooding and destroying New Orleans.  Every bit as bad as it sounds.

UPDATE: 12:45 CST Monday; Bloomberg Katrina spares New Orleans.  Looks like the Big Easy will live to party again.  Some waterproof coating stripped off the Superdome, lots of damage, but the worst-case cat5 weakened a bit and veered slightly off course at the last moment.  A miracle from God, no doubt.  But since it would have been punishment from God if the city had been flattened, let’s just say the big guy let them off with a warning.  Hopefully Pat Robertson will clarify what it all means in the next day or two.

Sun. Evening
At the gym I saw an hour of FOX news reports in which one expert after another predicted New Orleans is about to be erased from the face of the Earth. 

(Cut camera, then, to a FOX news correspondent standing on the roof of a 3-story building, built in the 1880’s in the French quarter.)

“It’s really too late to leave now, and if predictions are true, the French Quarter will simply be gone in the morning as a wall of water pushes through this area.  There are people downstairs drinking still; the bar is open.  But after 40 years of false alarms I guess many of us didn’t heed the warnings until it was too late.”

(FOX anchor in New York, absorbed in the task of reporting the story)  “Well thank you for that report, [reporter name].  I hope that it doesn’t turn out to be the tragedy that many experts are predicting it will.”

(Correspondent on roof) “You think YOU hope!!!”

Update, Monday 9:30 am – Looks like the storm has veered slightly and dropped in force to a “mere” category 4, sparing New Orleans the worst.  So the Fox news correspondent will have a future chance to say; “heck with this!  I’m gettin’ out of here!”
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