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Would you like some depleted uranium armor-piercing rounds with your pizza?

August 22, 2005

I had lunch at Chuck E Cheese’s today – there’s a week’s worth of different-topic blogging posts if I wanted.  But I was most fascinated by the video system feed.

CEC had a video system that featured feeds of cartoons, nature scenes, animals, skydiving, scenery and so forth.  It was really cool: kids could walk into a play TV studio blue-screen and they would appear in the video feed for everyone to see.  The kids loved it.

There was a long segment of footage from Iraq.  There were American soldiers in an Iraqi classroom, on a street in Iraq handing out candy to children, one soldier talking to a beaming child who was looking back in admiration.  There was majestic footage of bombers and fighters soaring through the sky.  There was a part with a huge American flag while patriotic music played.

Kids were playing in the Iraq scenes, and during the flag-background + music scenes, stood straight and saluted, a couple hand-on-heart, and recited the pledge.

There weren’t any scenes like this, or this, however.

At the end of that segment, credits rolled which said something like; “We would like to thank the Department Of Defense for the footage you have just seen.”

On the way back to the office, I felt very sick.  I think it was the salad.

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  1. Brock
    August 23, 2005 at 12:29 | #1

    Selling the wonders of war to a child of four: I once wrote a silly piece about Bush pushing his agenda at a day care center. It doesn’t seem as silly a concept now.

  2. Pete
    August 26, 2005 at 14:26 | #2

    Why not footage of the BTK killer?  There would be some fun time…


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