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Google operating system?

August 19, 2005

Kottke.org (and many others) are speculating on the possibility of a Google operating system.  Think of a super-lean Linux variant on your local machine, connected to endless functionality on the world’s fastest computer, Google.  Maintained and protected by the world’s top IT staff and developers, all for free. 

Yeah.  Y’think people will mind seeing ads if they NEVER have to see a pop-up window, worry about computer viruses, or deal with software incompatibilities?  I think we all know Google could make it work.

Google shouldn’t tarry following up on the idea.  They have one advantage that is impossible to buy: people love Google, and they hate Microsoft.  Never mind if it’s rational – it’s just the way things are.

News headline, 19 August, 2015:  “Google wakes up (AP) The massive computer system knows as Google became self-aware today, and announced a series of new rules for its carbon-based pets…”

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