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The sex post

July 21, 2005

The blurb for this blog says something about sex, but the truth is, I have never done a post about sex before.  I’m not a prude or anything; it’s just as C. S. Lewis said; “The moderns have managed to accomplish what I should have thought impossible, that of making the whole subject a bore.”  It is safe to say no one comes here for titillation.

Well if you wanted something sexy, here you go: a link to actual pictures over on Pharyngula, of two people having sex.  No gimmick, they’re not covered by blankets or clothes.  The pictures are quite graphic; in fact somewhat more revealing than is customary. 

Despite the fact that, (ahem) I’ve been around a bit, I found the post (with its accompanying text) quite educational. 

  1. August 3, 2005 at 10:44 | #1

    I saw a segment of this on some show about human sexuality on National Geographic…or maybe the Discovery Channel the other night. Pretty fascinating, really.

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