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Santorum’s new campaign ad

February 20, 2012

Kent Ashcraft is best known for “Dear Dr. Laura”, a satirical screed on the application of Leviticus to modern life. I received his latest contribution this weekend:

A man is shown walking into the offices of the School Board. He asks to see the superintendent, and is shown into his office. “What can I do for you, sir?” asks the superintendent.

“Well,” says the man, “I’d like to enroll my children in one of your schools. But I have very specific requirements as to the values they will be taught.”

“As you know,” says the superintendent, “these are public schools, and so the government has a great deal of say in these matters. What exactly are your requirements?”

“I want my kids to be led in prayer every day, preferably several times a day. I want them taught to obey the word of God. They need to be told that homosexuality is a grievous sin. They must not have any teachers who are atheists, and I don’t want them hearing anything about so-called moral relativity.”

“Anything else?” asks the superintendent.

“Yes, I want my kids taught that our great nation is unique and exceptional, and that there are forces of evil in the world we must be prepared to fight on all fronts. Can one of your schools give my children such an education?”

The superintendent replied…

(scroll down)


…”I have wonderful news for you, Mr. Mahmoud. There are hundreds of such schools right here in Tehran!”

(Translated from Farsi)

I am Rick Santorum, but I did NOT approve this message

Looking through my archives I discovered this is the sixth piece I have received from Mr. Ashcraft:


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