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Merry Christmas to all UPDATE

December 25, 2011

Everyone will be writing about Christmas. MrsDoF and I are having the lowest-key Christmas ever – no kids at home, she’s going to church and I’m staying home.  So here’s a wood shaving.  I’m sharing it with you because I think wood shavings are pretty.

wood shaving

I was making a desk for my son (not as a Christmas present – just a desk because he needed one) and the maple trim around the edge didn’t quite line up with a short section of the top surface. I could have gone back in the garage to find a chisel, but it was just a little section and my pocketknife was right there. I put the curve of the blade right along the trim so it barely grazed the desk surface and drew it toward me. The maple wood shaved off into a 12 cm curl as you see here. The background for this picture is my Lenovo tablet.

Anyway, wherever you are, whatever you are doing – have a wonderful Christmas! And may the New Year find us all happy and healthy.

UPDATE: The day did not work out quite as planned. MrsDoF requested I accompany her to church, and then we went to lunch at MerryAnn’s.

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  1. December 26, 2011 at 20:32 | #1

    the change in plans was good though because you spent the time together! Merry Christmas George and Dianne.

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