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Flash Flood Warning

May 25, 2011

It’s been an eventful evening weather-wise.  We had a tornado and 0.9 inches of rain in 15 minutes, after an event this morning that dropped .87 inches.

As @313C7 Nick tweeted, “When the NWS issues a tornado warning that covers 9 counties, you get the f*** underground.”  We did and luckily the county’s visitor seems not to have touched down.  Our son is out on his bicycle so presumably he holed up somewhere.

Meanwhile, since water runs downhill, all of Central Illinois is under a flash flood watch.  So here’s this:

Rain-X on windshield after rainstorm

SUBMERGED - all a matter of perspective. I suppose to fish, we're all submerged in horrible, deadly air instead of lovely life-giving water

Here are a few thoughts on flash flood survival.  Click through and be sure to scroll down far enough to see the two pictures of the water running across the road, and what the “road” condition was under the water.  Keep that picture in mind when driving.  And remember it isn’t just rural areas: urban areas concentrate water by design.

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  1. Jim
    May 26, 2011 at 05:39 | #1

    I’m happy the bad stuff missed you, thank the FSM. We weren’t so lucky in my hometown in Alabama but life goes on and we will recover. Let’s hope the rest of the tornado season calms down a bit.

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