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How and who

May 29, 2005

I went to a private Christian college, where academic standards were quite high and my professors were not afraid to wrestle with intellectual questions.  So “DumbChristianity,” the mindset where science is the enemy and no effort is spared to hold it at bay, is a mystery to me.  There are plenty of intelligent people, including scientists, who are Christians.

Lately it seems like The Stupids are winning.  But there are signs of hope.  I was delighted by the following comment to a post at Respectful Insolence:

“I’m a Bible thumpin, conservative minister in the Methodist Church. I have no problem with evolution. Those who use the Bible to disprove evolution obviously do not understand how to read and interpret scripture. The Bible is not a book about the “how” of creation, but of the “who” of creation. Leave the “how” to the scientists and the “who” to the Bible.”

A rather elegant distinction, don’t you think?  That guy won’t be driving educated people out of his church. He’ll be able to concentrate on things that are central to his faith, and not be sidetracked into politically-driven issues manipulated by right-wing kingmakers. 

As long as you stay safely ensconced in a little whirlpool of creationist literature and websites, you could go on thinking that evolution is an evil atheistic plot instead of the logical conclusion to the massive and ever-growing body of evidence that it is.  The anti-science mentality has been carried to its logical conclusion: Afghanistan.  As one Imam said when asked if children should be vaccinated; “We are as modern as Allah ever intended us to be.”

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