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The beat of mind

March 1, 2011
This truck went right through downtown.  1017 is chlorine, and 1079 is liquified sulfur dioxide.

This truck went right through downtown, past the Children's Museum, ran over a sidewalk turning South and didn't even slow down for the railroad tracks. 1017 is chlorine, and 1079 is liquified sulfur dioxide.

The blogging brain works a little like a heartbeat, taking stuff in, then pushing it out, repeat.  Well not exactly like a heartbeat; there is some processing that goes on, or should be.  In any case MrsDoF points out that I have not been blogging much in the last month.

Last week I had a wonderful visit from my son, who flew from sunny California to spend a couple days here in Illinois.  In February.  He always makes me think – and he gave me the second season of Breaking Bad to watch!

The book stack has some ebb and flow too.  I finally finished reading Zombie Economics by John Quiggen (liked it very much), so the stack got a little shorter.  Now I’m reading Written In Stone by Brian Switek and next up is Traffic; why we drive the way we do and what it says about us, so it’s taller again.  (Read the author interview at the link for Traffic.)  During my lunch hours I’m studying HTML5, Up And Running. Feeding the brain, yes; but chewing carefully.

Last night MrsDoF and I attended a symposium on business ethics and the Bhopal disaster.  I live-Tweeted it and will write more about it soon but here’s a point that struck me: it took the Bhopal disaster to generate enough political will to pass EPCRA (the Emergency Planning Community Right-To-Know Act) in our own country.  Because of that catastrophe halfway around the world, you can find out what chemicals are being stored and transported in your area.  Many companies responded by looking for less toxic ways to do what they do.  They never wanted us to know in the first place…

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