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A good decision on DADT

December 19, 2010

Good morning: if you’ve not been on a desert island for the last week, you know that the Senate passed the repeal of DADT, or “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” yesterday.  It will take a few months for the change to take effect, but gay soldiers will be able to serve openly for the first time ever.  Our country will, in at least this way, catch up with much of the civilized world.

I am pleased that it was Congress that pulled the rug out from under that law, just about 17 years after passing it.  If DADT had been struck down in court (and eventually, it would have been) we’d have been treated to generations of people whining about “activist judges” – a label that means; “I didn’t like their decision”.  Instead it was our representative body that stayed into the Christmas holiday to argue and vote.  I’m especially thankful to Republicans who broke ranks to do the right thing and represent their constituents who so clearly wanted that law rescinded.

If someone puts on a uniform and goes into harm’s way for our country, I salute them.  It is noble and self-sacrificial and they have my thanks – perhaps especially if they are a member of a minority that faces discrimination back home.

And on that note: can we please legalize gay marriage coast-to-coast?  Eventually the wars will be over, and what a great welcome-home present that would be.


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