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Tron Legacy: geektastic

December 18, 2010

Met up with four other geek friends this evening to see Tron Legacy. OK, Lord Of The Rings it ain’t but it was a fun story and – wow! – the visual design environment! I was blown away by the sense of movement, solidity and energy in the digital realm. Everything fit and the movie was gorgeous. And Sam Flynn’s bachelor pad was amazing. If I told you the ending you’d accuse me of lying because it was too obvious, but then you don’t go to the Tron sequel because you can’t imagine what might happen.

Short version: Sam Flynn comes back from the digital realm, takes over Encom, and leads a double life fighting crime dressed as a bat. No, wait… wrong movie. The plot, what there is of it, is pretty silly; if you want spoilers, read the Wikipedia article, and donate to Wikipedia while you’re at it.

Sitting in a movie theater for two hours is always chancy for me. Last movie I saw, I did an hour’s cardio first so I got away with a little stiffness. But today’s schedule didn’t work out that way so I went pretty much from work to dinner to theater. Unhappy legs, but I’m fine now.

It was neat to see Jeff Bridges both old and young on the screen at the same time as Kevin Flynn and Clu; that must have been fun to produce. And I totally want a Tron Car like the one Quorra drove. There was just one thing however that rang false about the whole movie: that you could park a Ducati in an abandoned urban environment for eight hours at night… and no one steals it. You’ll also meet the World’s Most Fearless security guard. And you might want to bring earplugs; it’s one of those cranked-up movies. But if you enjoyed the original on any level, you will almost certainly enjoy this one.

Have you seen it?  Did you like it?  Did you see the original?


  • We saw it in 2-D on a giant screen.  Seemed appropriate for old-school
  • Wired has a pretty good 10-things review
  • Kevin Flynn’s fireplace may be one of the coolest, possibly non-digital special effects that I’ve seen.
  • Other neato visual touches include the 2001-inspired living room, and the Tron-styled Disney intro
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