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The percentage of geekiness

October 19, 2010

Son calls, asks; “How do you do lossless rotation in Gimp?”

Well I really don’t know; in Windows I normally use XnView for this purpose, and I never looked into it on my Linux machine.  So I do a little quick searching and much to my surprise, Gimp doesn’t do lossless rotation.  But gThumb does, so I talk him through using Synaptics package manager and we both install gThumb on our machines.  And a little messing around and presto! we’re doing lossless rotations.

Me: “Gee, son, I feel like we both just got a little geekier.”

Son:  “Expressed as a percentage, I just got a lot geekier than you did.”

That’s actually a pretty geeky way to look at it, son.  You may already be geekier than you realized…

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  1. October 19, 2010 at 14:56 | #1

    The family that programs together–Well you know the rest.

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