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Movie Review: Micmacs

August 14, 2010

MrsDoF and I went to the Historic Normal Theatre this evening to watch the French fantasy-comedy Micmacs this evening.  This is from the same twisted mind that created Amelie, and if laughter is any indication, everyone in the theater enjoyed it. 

Here’s the setup: Bazil’s father is killed by a land mine.  Years later in a drive-by shooting, Bazil takes a bullet to the brain – though he survives (after a fashion), becoming homeless and unemployed.  He learns that the two companies that made the land mine that killed his father, and the bullet he carries in his brain, are right in Paris and across the street from each other.  He takes up residence with some of the most creative people in Paris – who live in a junkyard and scavenge all their gear from the cast-offs of the city.  Together they cook up a whimsical con…

Hilarious pranks and scams and some rather large explosions artfully rendered too.  On the walk home, we each thought of movies that Micmacs reminded us of.  It might be a mix of The Sting and Iron Man, as envisaged by outcast junk scavengers…

UPDATE: Here’s the International trailer, with longer scenes from the movie.  You’ll see the Characters – and that’s with a capital “C” – a little better:

It’s interesting that neither trailer gets the plot right.  Bazil runs his con by playing two arms manufacturers against each other, and neither trailer mentions his father or the one that made the land mine that killed him.


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