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My Winter bike frame

July 17, 2010

I’ve ridden through many Winters; it’s fun and really not as difficult as it looks.  But I’m getting soft in my old age; a special-purpose Winter bike will make it easier.  So I’ve been keeping an eye out for components to build one.

From my album; Muscle-powered transportation

I just got the frame this week.  It’s a Specialized “HardRock” frame in my size, in good condition. My everyday bike has this same frame and I love it.  I’m thinking about maybe bright red or highway-safety orange, because it’s dark a lot during the Winter.  Of course it’ll have all my usual reflectorization and lighting, but maybe some additional lighting as well. 

A good pair of shock forks, disc brakes, single-speed, with sealed bearings in the pedals and silicone plugs in the frame holes to keep salt slush out.  Oversize hand grips, non-absorbent seat.  And oh yeah, tungsten-carbide studded tires.  To Hell with conditions, I’m riding.

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