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Pitiful cries in the frozen darkness

January 28, 2010

Man this stuff breaks my heart.  There’s a sweet little kitty hanging around our house.  It’s young, healthy, friendly, and obviously someone’s pet, and just as obviously lost and cold and hungry.  It wants in so bad, but our cats (whom I also adore) are too stupid and territorial to do their fellow feline a solid and let him come in and get warm and have a bite.  And it’s, like eight degrees f out there.

Yes, I know we’d likely end up owning him (or her) that way (or in cat parlance, he’d end up owning us).  Or possibly we could locate his pet humans and return him to home base.  Either way would be fine.  But because of our cats’ territoriality we can’t feed this little fellow or even give him any positive attention.  So he’s out there…

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  1. January 29, 2010 at 03:49 | #1

    Out here you can let a cat in the garage and it will stay warm enough. The ground is never so cold that a smart animal can’t find a warm spot somewhere.

    Hope the little guy finds shelter.

  2. January 29, 2010 at 07:04 | #2

    Me too – he was gone when I got up this morning.  I’m torn between hoping it turns up again so I know it didn’t freeze to death, and hoping it doesn’t so I can tell myself it somehow got reconnected with its pet humans.  Maybe that’s how religions get started: the comforting fantasy that emerges when no evidence is available.

    *Checks weather app on iPod* – let’s see: it’s 8 degrees here, 45 in DC where my sister lives and 20 in Seattle where my mother lives.  Why do I live in the midWest again?

  3. January 29, 2010 at 19:48 | #3

    Every time we’ve introduced a new cat, the others have fussed and hissed, but in the end, they cuddle.  If yours wouldn’t, ignoring is fine.

  4. Karen
    January 29, 2010 at 20:53 | #4

    I’ve got three cats from three different adoption events, and they’ve figured out how to live together just fine.  If the little guy shows up again, sequester him in a room with a towel or rug to sleep on, some food and water, and a litter box (any box with a plastic bag liner will do in a pinch).  Then you know he’ll be warm, and you can hunt for his humans in the morning.

    I lavish affection on my next-door-neighbor’s cat (a real scritch-monster) on my back patio, while my own cats look on through the door.  Then I go in and scritch on them awhile, and all is forgiven.

  5. January 29, 2010 at 23:43 | #5

    Good advice, all, and I’ve done similar stuff in the past.  But our girl cat is getting very thin and so frail that I don’t want to stress her out. 

    The little cat has not shown up again so I will now entertain the comforting thought that he found his people.  Yep, that’s the story for now.

    Blast how these little furry creatures tug at our heart strings…

  6. January 31, 2010 at 02:34 | #6

    Excuse me while I go quietly sob, and remember the darling lost bebe that my cat wouldn’t let me take in.  I tried. She nearly murdered us both, and after a few days, I had to pack up that beautiful baby boy and take him to the shelter and trust that his personality and good looks would get him adopted.  I still miss him.  And like you, I like to believe he found a happy home, where he’s loved and thriving.

    The alternative is absolutely unthinkable.

    Damn cats and their territorial instincts…

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