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Tropic Thunder

December 30, 2009

I love deep, intellectual movies.  Just finished watching “Tropic Thunder”, in which Robert Downey Jr. says this wonderful line:

“I know who I am!  I’m a dude playin’ a dude disguised as another dude!

Yes, that was actually Robert Downey Jr.  But since he was playing an Australian actor who underwent an operation to make him black to fill a black character role in a Vietnam war movie, scripted from a book written by an author pretending to be a Vietnam veteran, who was in turn played by Nick Nolte, he was:

A dude playin’ a different dude who was playin’ a dude disguised as another dude, in a movie about a movie written by a dude played by a whole different dude who was played by some other dude.

See?  Intellectual.  How many of us remember who we really are, if we really knew, or how many roles we have folded into other roles so that we can’t even keep the script straight anymore.  Got to give Downey and Nolte credit for that.  And to Ben Stiller, who directed the movie and also played a dude playin’ another dude who forgot both of those dudes and got stuck on a previous dude.

By the way, I found the movie (which was a Christmas present from my son) very funny, so I am recommending it to people who are adequately forewarned regarding my low standards for ironic humor.  I would have laughed my ass off while watching the movie, but I was I doing cardio so I was using the ass at the time.

What was I saying?  Oh yeah, Tropic Thunder, fun movie.  (Profanity, sexual and scatological humor, violence, brief cannibalism.  May be offensive to ________.)

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  1. December 31, 2009 at 14:53 | #1

    And remember… you never go full retard!

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