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Bill Gates calling Terminex!

March 28, 2005

I’m way too tired to write anything substantive tonight, so I’ll just post these two images from Information Week magazine that kind of tickled my fancy:

Not much actual content to this post – if you are in computer support, you know why I found them funny; if not, you can guess.  Three years ago, Microsoft made a big deal about how they were going to supply “trustworthy computing.”  Now our computers are less trustworthy than ever, but they sure are bogged down with features no one wants.

I often hear users belittling themselves – “I’m so stupid with computers” – and it really bothers me.  It is not them that is stupid, it’s the computer – and by extension the company that created the software.  If you have read anything by design guru Don Norman, you are familiar with the idea that when thousands of ordinary people have the same problem with your product, the problem is with your product, not with them.

Often the person claiming stupidity has advanced degrees in business, runs a department, or has some other really obvious achievement proving they are a lot smarter than the average bear. 

Today I took a brand new computer out of the box, turned it on, opened Internet Explorer and clicked on Tools/Windows Update (Do that last thing once a week, please) and let it scan the system for crucial updates.  It found sixteen – and eleven of them contained the phrase: “…a vulnerability which could allow an attacker to take complete control of your computer…”

Microsoft keeps saying they’re going to get it right any day now…

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