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A bit of a chill

August 30, 2009

MrsDoF used to tell me; “You’re gettin’ old!”  And I’d growl back; “I’ll tell YOU when I’m gettin’ old!”  Seems lately my body is telling me.

I like real maple syrup; I put it on oatmeal and pancakes, and we actually sneak a small bottle of it into restaurants to use instead of the flavored corn syrup they provide.  This morning, I wanted to refill the small bottle and the big bottle was new, so it had never been opened before.

The cap on the big bottle is about 4 cm across, and to open it the first time, you have to break the shipping ring locked onto the bottle itself.  The required torque has always been well within the range of what I could apply with my bare hands, but apparently not anymore.  After trying for a few moments, I had to scrounge around and find a “jar opener” thingie to assist. 

My doctor was very matter-of-fact about “the onset of osteoarthritis” but a big part of my employability over the years has been my ability with tools and mechanical things.  Now just as I seem to be slipping a bit mentally, it’s sink-or-swim on making a living with what’s left of my brain. 

Then last night I had a massive episode of dizzyness, but I’m feeling better now.

Oh well, maybe it will make me less attractive to the hordes of zombies when they finally attack…

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  1. August 31, 2009 at 05:47 | #1

    Stupid bottle, that’s all.

    Take care of yourself, George. It would be taking care of the rest of us, too.

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