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What not to say at any stage of a job interview, and a wireless mouse

August 22, 2009

The local computer parts & service store, Computer Deli, has a “Help Wanted” sign up.  I was inside buying a mouse this morning, and overheard this conversation:

Applicant: “The sign said you have a job opening?”

Owner: “Yeah, sales and light computer service…” (Banter leading to handing questioner a job application)

Applicant: “Yeah, I gotta do something; the Post Office is driving me crazy.  It’s work work work work work.  I mean, there’s a reason people go postal.”

Yeah, let’s hire that guy…

The mouse is a cordless Logitech V220, which works very well on my laptop.  I heard the conversation above while studying the package, looking for the battery size (I won’t buy things that take button batteries).  Then in ultra, uber-tiny micro print in one corner on the back, I saw some specifications; luckily I carry a magnifying glass.  It’s an AA battery, which should last a long time on such a low-power device.  At the college, we’ve been using wireless mice with two AAA batteries in them (Professors normally work about 15 feet from the podium) that are working fine in their second year.

Since the V220 normally works 20 inches from the laptop receiver, it would take something like n-12 power to cover the working distance as the podium mouse.  If the back of my envelope is calculating correctly this morning.  Perhaps someone more awake than I can correct…

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