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Astoundingly foolhardy

March 26, 2005

A sign on the door at Gold’s Gym this week read something like this:

3 cars have been broken into in our parking lot this week, with windows smashed and valuables stolen.  Please do not leave valuables in plain sight in your car, and report any suspicious activity.

Try to picture the setting here: Gold’s has many kinds of members.  Some are like me, middle-aged with physical problems and trying to stay off the disabled list.  Others are smart young people trying to keep from ending up like me when they reach my age.  A few are elderly yet in amazing, fantastic shape.  There are many – both men and women – who look like they could bench-press a semi-truck.  Some of those do kickboxing or karate to stay limber.  A few are professional body builders and trainers ranging in age from twenty to fifty.

It may not be the smartest place to get caught breaking into cars.  The odds are excellent you’d be caught by someone who could squash you like a grape.

Oh yes, a lot of cops work out there too.  If you were lucky, you’d be caught by one of them.

It just makes you wonder what some people are thinking…

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  1. March 28, 2005 at 12:29 | #1

    A good grape squashing just might be what’s needed. ;-P

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