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A major disagreement with F-Spot

July 11, 2009

Sometimes I’m a little (or a lot) slow-witted but there’s something I just don’t get: Why the hell can’t I rename photos in F-Spot? 

Could anyone explain it to me?  Is there some reason why I shouldn’t want to rename photos in F-Spot?  It’s the best-known photo management software for Linux, and yet it lacks what seems to me an extremely basic function.

I seem to remember a similar disagreement with Picasa. 

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  1. bdo
    July 15, 2009 at 22:12 | #1

    I think the idea behind f-spot is to protect the original image. I don,t use photo management software. I am trying to think of a program in linux that allows you to rename within the program.  Linux tries to reduce redundancy, so one has to rename by file management. If command line doesn’t bother you, use the command: rename.

  2. July 15, 2009 at 23:09 | #2


    Or install WINE and then your favorite Windows program.

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