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A dose of evil atheism for the day

March 26, 2009

…or more correctly, just a few news items about religion.

Two Percent Company compellingly asks; “Really, Catholics?” upon hearing news of the nine-year-old Brazilian girl pregnant with twins, who received a life-saving abortion.  Upon which everyone connected with the event except her and the rapist (her stepfather) was excommunicated.  Keep that little girl in mind, since the Vatican backed the Archbishop from Brazil on those excommunications.

Then there’s The Critical Thinker’s Speakeasy, whose author had a bit of a run-in with a falling tree-branch, and then with a pair of Mormon missionaries.  The connection between the two was hilarious – unless you’re a Mormon missionary, I suppose… (H/T John Wilkins)

On the lighter side, Ted Haggard wanted a divorce because he’s not gay anymore.  Yeah… that makes sense.  As one commenter noted, maybe he wants his own apartment where he can work on resisting temptation.

This just in: it may come as a shock that Christianity doesn’t always look like compassion to everyone.  Which reinforces my conviction that when bad people become Christians, they become bad Christians.  When good people become Christians, they’re still good people.  The resulting organizations then differentially attract bad and good people.

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  1. March 26, 2009 at 14:41 | #1

    When I first saw this in Time I got really pissed and gave my opinion which was not nearly as diplomatic as your post. I’m still angry at the “the” churches’ brainwashers’ acts toward their brainwashees.

  2. March 26, 2009 at 18:43 | #2

    Why on earth would a good person become a christian?

  3. March 28, 2009 at 06:26 | #3

    I don’t need to postulate a god to be good myself.

    (Kant’s categorical imperative suffices).

    Eunoia (look it up!).
    PS: Atheism is a non-prophet organisation ;-)

  4. Terry
    March 30, 2009 at 11:46 | #4


    I realize that you comment ‘Why on earth would a good person become a Christian’ is actually a statement posing as a question. Nevertheless, it seems something of an invitation. Why would a single person want to get married? There is nothing evil in being single. Nevertheless, people are gnerally looking for something more. Why would a person with a certain level of native intelligence wish to become better educated? Because that native intelligence is sufficient to make them realize that there is more, above and beyond what they already know – more about the nature of knowledge itself! Being a Christian, as you understand that phenomenon anyway, does not, in and of itself, make the individual better (more good) than his or her non-Christian fellows. There are very few Christians who don’t really understand the implications of ‘grace’. The real point is that a person can, despite their human flaws, be basically kind natured, make the effort not to injure others, strive for justice, and still come to the conclusion that there is something more. It is also and obviously possible to be perfectly competent in terms of physical science and still reach the same conclusion.


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