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Communication in the Obama White House

November 16, 2008

Coturnix has a really worthwhile discussion of communication in the new White House, how it will differ from the previous 43, and the tensions of that evolution.  Here’s a sample:

What is new is that Obama is the first President with that “facebook generation” mindset of constant, open communication, as opposed to a bubble-boy, smoke-filled back-rooms, secretive types that the previous 43 Presidents were. The laws, customs and trappings of his new job are going to be conflicting with his modern instincts towards openness. And people are starting to talk about a potential need to alter these out-dated laws in order to allow Obama to lead a more transparent government.

Obama is used to communicating in the service of getting things done.  Way back when he was a state senator, he had a regular podcast.  He understands technology and uses email, but he’ll have to step carefully due to laws that have been pushed and pulled by forces as diverse as Watergate and the secrecy-obsessed (read: ass-covering) Bush administration.  It will be interesting to see what he comes up with.  He may just decide; “screw it – let Congress find out whatever they want to know.”

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