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October 21, 2008

Why would the GOP go after ACORN?  Simple: they’re losing and they want to de-legitimize the election in advance.  They want to create doubt ahead of time.  John McCain knows better, but he’s carrying that swamp water, too.

The sensational TV reports you’ve seen leave out one important detail: the fraud was against ACORN, not against the election. It was a few employees trying to get paid for more registrations than they actually did.  (There are slackers in every organization.) ACORN spotted the fraud, flagged it as such, and turned it over to the authorities in accordance with the rules.  Hilzoy at Obsidian Wings has the whole story in detail.  Short version:

  • The number of fraudulent applications was wildly exaggerated

  • All voter registration cards, valid or not, must be turned in.  ACORN tagged the ones they found “problematic” and fired dishonest canvassers.
  • All registrations must then be vetted by election officials’ screening.  The guy who filled out 73 cards for himself, for example, wouldn’t have a chance.  Nor would Micky Mouse.
  • Any fraudulant registration that did slip through would have no effect unless an actual person showed up to vote under that name.  And in many cases, they’d have to show ID, risking a felony.  And it would have to happen thousands of times to have an effect.
  • And finally, when ACORN signs up a voter, they really don’t know how that person will vote.

The GOP tries to discredit ACORN every election cycle.  The last thing they want is poor people voting. If you wanna talk about election fraud, look at voter roll purges and polling complications.  And read Blogula Raisa’s Now THIS is voter registration fraud.


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  1. November 3, 2009 at 12:54 | #1

    Bullet two is key as far as I’m concerned. And knowing that shows how easy it is for faux news to take advantage of people’s lack of understanding of the registration process. Further showing faux news’ lack of journalistic integrity.

  2. 1centwiz
    November 3, 2009 at 21:18 | #2

    I found this most interesting:

    “It has always amazed me about perspectives. 1 person’s wrongdoing is another person’s normal mode of operation. If we cannot agree on what are normal ways to conduct one’s self then we are truly in trouble. My take is that you have an organization that may have at one time done great things for the inner city poor. Since the early 1990s report after report shows clearly wrong doing by many people of ACORN organization. Voter fraud, unlicensed chapters (in Maryland they are unlicensed), unlicensed financial advice and fraud with regard to filling in IRS forms. Either these things exist or they don’t. With the many arrests during the past year, resignations of chapter executives under investigations and recent exposures of the aforementioned irregularities it is impossible to draw any other conclusion than that they have done wrong; no matter who exposed it or how or why. Right or wrong, good or bad, pure or evil: you can’t have it both ways.”

  3. 1centwiz
    November 3, 2009 at 21:29 | #3

    Truth? or just another made up fact….

    “As for the new administration not being in office long enough to change this, the new administration is ACORN. Obama’s election office gave them $888,000 before the election to go out and registered voters. In Nevada 48% of ACORN registered voters were false. After finding this out did the new administration do anything, NO, they just made it possible to receive up to 8 billion dollars out of the stimulus bill. Who is more corrupt ACORN or Obama?”

  4. 1centwiz
    November 3, 2009 at 21:31 | #4

    It’s not just Acorn, it’s organizations like Fanny Mae, Freddie Mac and HUD that all need to be looked into. They started out with a good idea and went astray. What protections do the American People have against such corruption? Who are they accountable to? And why are they now being investigated after the fact?
    Just curious… as money tends to breed corruption and greed….

  5. November 3, 2009 at 22:16 | #5

    Is there a point to all your nattering, 1cent?  Or are you just all; “government is corrupt so there!”? 

    If your solution is some kind of half-assed libertarian anti-governmentism, you’re pretty much defaulting to the multinational corporations.  Government has gotten significantly less competent during a string of anti-government “leaders” in charge – Reagan and the Bushes.  If you want good government (and we certainly need it), you need leaders who at least believe it is possible.

    No, the Democrats aren’t perfect, but at least they believe that the exercise of government CAN be done well.

  6. November 4, 2009 at 09:06 | #6

    1cent you obviously did not read any of the links in this post. For everything you are throwing out as a point against ACORN has already been answered in the links contained within this post. How do I know this? Because *gasp* I read the links contained in this post.

    On another note I’m done trying to rationally discuss topics with you. You care not to have opinions formed from proper resources and evidence, but rather search to find resources and evidence that confirm what you already “know”. So what’s the point? You win! The tubes are yours.

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