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Sunday Potpourri for a week of mind-blowing politics

October 19, 2008

It’s too much; I can’t put it all into a series of posts.  Instead, I’m going to rip off ***Dave and use his idea of a potpourri post to aggregate a sampling from the InterWebs.  He’s been in India all week so maybe he won’t notice me stealing his method.

By the way, if you use your mouse’s scroll wheel (press down without turning) to click the links, they’ll open up in new tabs without closing the link page.  Handy for linky-pages like this one.


  • This just in: Apparently Colin Powell is a ‘Fake American’.  No, really!  According to Congresscritter Michele Bachmann and McCain advisor Nancy “let me hear you say my last name after a few drinks” Pfotenhauer, Obama supporters aren’t real Americans.  And in spite of that terrible price, Colin Powell has endorsed Obama.  Damn…
  • (HT John Weber)

  • And if that weren’t amazing enough, the Chicago Tribune has endorsed Obama – first Democrat they’ve backed in 136 years.
  • McCain’s campaign has said that the people yelling ugly slogans at Palin rallies or who support McCain with racist imagery are “isolated nuts”.  Pam’s House Blend has a compilation of nuts which include GOP party officials,  attendees at the ‘Values Voter Summit’,  Republican fundraisers, and McCain campaign offices. And of course, some genuinely isolated nuts too.
  • Be sure to watch Saturday Night Live’s Palin vs Palin
  • Greg Laden has an excellent video report from Keith Olberman on The Hate Talk Express including some old-lady on young-man violence.  The important point is that using hate in your campaign… is a dangerous game.
  • And since we mentioned the ‘Values Voter SummitAmericans United got an inside look (it wasn’t easy).  Read as much as you can stomach about the ‘values’ of the Religious Right.
  • Stupidity can be found everywhere, but… Oh my gosh…
  • If you doubt that the religious right only thinks that they are real Americans, or that racism is a component, listen in on this coffee shop conversation
  • Folks, racism doesn’t advertise itself by name.  Very few people – let’s call them overt racists – wake up in the morning and think to themselves; “Gee, people of color turn my stomach”.  Most racism hides in pervasive, unacknowledged bias, and it has been carefully measured in a study at Stanford University.  (NY Times:  Racism without racists.) 

Economics-y and somewhat politicky stuff

  • Greg Laden has a great roundtable discussion video with Bernie Sanders, and a comedian and two actors, on disparity of wealth and what it really means. Obviously Sanders is the only credible one there, but the best quote was from FDR’s Fed Chairman, Marriner C. Eccles, comparing the economic crisis to a poker game.  Of course, it was a quote, because Eccles is sort of dead these days.

Sciency stuff

Social and historic-y stuff

Whew!  I actually could go on for quite a while.  How do people get bored with all that life goin’ on around them?  I didn’t even get around to ACORN.

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