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Depressing, Depressing, a little worrisome, Hilarious

September 3, 2008

Blake Stacey at Science After Sunclipse has a 1989 Ted Turner CNN interview with Carl Sagan, in which he talks about nuclear winter, anthropogenic global warming, and space exploration.  Nobody thinks much about nuclear winter anymore, but they should.  Many wars have been fought over dwindling resources.

Paul Sunstone at Cafe Philos has a scenario in which McCain might win, and it’s actually not at all farfetched.  Depressing, yes, but not farfetched.  And in some ways related to two of the topics in the interview above.

In anticipation of his visit to Florida, Steinn Sigurðsson at Dynamics Of Cats has some bad hurricane scenarios to contend with.  Apparently there is a mechanism by which big storms can follow the low-pressure trough left by earlier big storms.

But this is getting too damn depressing, so I have to end on an upbeat note:  ***Dave shares a little nugget he found: America’s 10 most confusing traffic signs.  I didn’t know, for instance, that trucks exceeding 10,000 GVW are not allowed to drive along upside down.  It’s goofy fun.

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  1. September 4, 2008 at 00:14 | #1

    Glad to be of help.  After all the irksome and depressing topics I’ve covered of late, it’s good to know I had a few fun things to pass on.

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